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Archive I: Diverged Origins

July 13, 2023—August 31, 2023

Opening Reception:

Thursday, July 13, 5-8 p.m

NewStudio Gallery and Emerging Curators Institute are pleased to host Raíz Symbiotisk’s first exhibition, “Archive I: Diverged Origins.” Raíz Symbiotisk is a Minneapolis-based curatorial collective founded by Pamela Vázquez Torres (she/her/hers) and Emma Wood (they/them/hen), recipients of the 2022-2023 Emerging Curators Institute’s Fellowship.

“Archive I: Diverged Origins,” revolves around symbolisms extracted from fungi as a concept, or “fungal threads” such as origins, grief, transcendence, symbiosis, community, remediation, and regeneration. The exhibition includes interdisciplinary work by artists from the U.S., Canada, and Mexico.

Exhibition Documentation: Matthew King

The works in the exhibition include linocut prints by Lynda Grafito (Cali, Columbia) and works constructed from biological materials by Eli Brown (Boston, Massachusetts, USA). An installation of hanging textiles by Lucero Paniagua Ortuño (Morelos, Mexico) was made with fungal pigments and other natural dyes. Tosca Teran (Toronto, Canada) works with fungi matter and biodata sonification to create dynamic, mixed reality installations.


Curators Discussion with Raíz Symbiotisk and Emerging Curators Institute Director Barak adé Soleil

Thursday, August 24, 5-7pm

Exhibition supported through The Emerging Curators Institute fellowhship 2022-2023. The Emerging Curators Institute is designed to build the individual practices of emerging curators from diverse backgrounds through an in-depth research, professional development, and presentation program.

More happenings follow Raíz Symbiotisk on instagram: @raiz_symbiotisk


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