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Casting: Transformation Exhibit

Opens Saturday, September 25th, 6:00 - 8:00 PM !!! This past year and a half, individuals and communities have experienced a disruption in the continuity of everyday life. With little time to consider, we have had to come up with new strategies. We, in a sense, are casting new molds. What does transformation look like? Feel like? What are its elements? How do we define it in a way that gives us ownership, and what resources do we call upon? The act of casting is a cyclical process. Creating new patterns, and breaking down molds out of which something new is made is not only the work of the artist, but also an essential part of our lives as individuals and communities. Highlighting the spectrum of cast artworks.

Casting: Transformation features 12 artists: Abigail Cooper, Alonso Sierralta, Betsy Alwin, Brighton McCormick, Donny Gettinger, Emma Wood, Ian Scheele, James Brenner, Lexly Edstrom, Meagan Daus, Samantha Leopold-Sullivan and Wayne Potratz. Curated by Sarah Seldon


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