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moss sang
Glass Bowl

Fused Glass Yellow and Black 8in x 8in

Fleeting Heart

Ice, mycelium and clay. 2022


Mycelium growing in glass test tube.


Heart casted in mycelium 12 in x 5 in 2021

"Laid to Rest"

Oyster Mushsroom Mycelium 6 ft long 2021 Install at Franconia Sculpture Park MN

Small Scale Sculpture 2.0

Golden Oyster Mycelium


Small scale biodegradable sculpture part of the Decomposition Series. Mycelium and moss

prototype 1

THESE ARE PROTOYPES FOR MY BIODEGRABLE SCULPURES THEY WILL DEBUT IN THE SPRING OF 2021 AT FRANCONIA SCULPTURE PARK, MN. Using the human form sculpted of mycelium- that circulates around temporary existence, grief and our human impact on the environment. Creating a new human representations. I am interested in mycoremidation as part of my art practice.


SLIME MOLD Fused Glass 5 x 5 in

Fungal Petri Series
Fungal Petri Dish

Fused glass Photo: FOCI MCGA

self care ingredients

Self Care ingrediens 100g vegansk smör 0.5g saffran 2 dl Oatly mjölk 1-2 tsk salt 50g jäst 900g vetenmjöl till garnering russin 20g Escitalopram mixed media 2020

Mold on Coffe 1

Mixed Media 2019

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