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Fleeting Heart

Ice, mycelium and clay. 2022


Mycelium growing in glass test tube.


Heart casted in mycelium 12 in x 5 in 2021

"Laid to Rest"

Oyster Mushsroom Mycelium 6 ft long 2021 Install at Franconia Sculpture Park MN

Small Scale Sculpture 2.0

Golden Oyster Mycelium

Glass Bowl

Fused Glass Yellow and Black 8in x 8in


Small scale biodegradable sculpture part of the Decomposition Series. Mycelium and moss

prototype 1

THESE ARE PROTOYPES FOR MY BIODEGRABLE SCULPURES THEY WILL DEBUT IN THE SPRING OF 2021 AT FRANCONIA SCULPTURE PARK, MN. Using the human form sculpted of mycelium- that circulates around temporary existence, grief and our human impact on the environment. Creating a new human representations. I am interested in mycoremidation as part of my art practice.


SLIME MOLD Fused Glass 5 x 5 in

Fungal Petri Series
Fungal Petri Dish

Fused glass Photo: FOCI MCGA

Fused Glass
Colostomy Bag Prototype

Colostomy Bag Prototype Illustration of a future sculpture/ installation made of mushrooms growing out of colostomy bags. symbols of growth, change and decay inside the radical decomposition of chemo treatment and terminal cancer.

self care ingredients

Self Care ingrediens 100g vegansk smör 0.5g saffran 2 dl Oatly mjölk 1-2 tsk salt 50g jäst 900g vetenmjöl till garnering russin 20g Escitalopram mixed media 2020

Mold on Coffe 1

Mixed Media 2019


Ceramic 2016

Mold on Coffe 2

Mixed Media 2017

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