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Biodegradable Sculpture Series
Mycoremediation as an artform. 


Started in 2016, this project explores the process of decomposition, something intimately tied to my life and becoming the subject of my creative inspiration in recent years.​ ​This temporary sculpture series will employ a performative aspect and act as an amateur/ citizen science approach to mycoremediation (1) ​ tool as well as a public art piece- in other words using a naturally occurring, healing, environmental process, as an art form. My idea is to make art that benefits the earth in the face of the climate crisis and global debate we find ourselves in. This sculpture will be made completely of compostable material that can either be preserved or decomposed into the earth. Public works like these will allow me to educate others on the use of more sustainable materials, and encourage viewers to explore ideas around the temporary nature of art, existence, and advocate fungi’s ecological significance while leaving the planet better than it currently is.

The shape and forms that I will explore for my sculptures are human figures. Creating new human representations, occupying temporary existence through one that doesn't siphon the environment of resources, but rather nourishes it. Creating eerily familiar human representations, seeing oneself reflected in a temporary ecosystem that nourishes our environment, rather than siphoning resources, implies that another world is possible through our direct action. My sculptures ultimately reinforce the idea of a positive relationship with our environment, championing more considerate stewardship of the planet and its inhabitants.

Death, grief, decay, and regeneration have been consistent themes of inspiration for me. In many western cultures, the idea of dying is feared or avoided. But in my life, death has encouraged me to practice vulnerability with myself and others, as well as self-care. Knowing life is in constant decay and renewal is fascinating, and I see this energy exchange at work in fungi. They are a network that communicates, diverting, and distributing resources, in a delicate balance overlapping in life and decomposition. 

With the transition back to Minnesota and my internship at Mississippi Mushrooms, I dedicated time to further develop her artistic practice utilizing multidisciplinary methods and use this time to cultivate and explore ideas for a body of work and ongoing project revolving around decomposition and grief. These sculpture series will debut at Franconia Sculpture Park in 2021 under an Emerging Artist Residency. Where this installation will biodegrade over 8 months in the outdoor sculpture park.


(1) Mycoremediation: ​ is a form of bioremediation, the process of using fungi to degrade or sequester contaminants in the environment. Stimulating microbial and enzyme activity,  mycelium reduces toxins


Laid to Rest , 2021 

Franconia Sculpture Park 

Mycelium and earth

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