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Pamela Vázquez Torres

Emma Wood (they/them/hen) is a nonbinary Swedish-American artist based in Mni Sota Makoce/ Minnesota. Working at the intersection of mycelium and glass, they bridge science and art to delve into their relationship with grief and fascicantion with temporality. Through their creations, Emma explores the balance between fleeting moments and enduring significance. Their choice of mediums, glass and mycelium, stems from a interest with art and science. Drawing from personal experiences and the influence of temporality, their work is a reflection on identity, Swedish heritage, environmental concerns, and the complexity of grief.


During the years spanning 2014 to 2018, Wood lived in Sweden, where they coordinated an international, interdisciplinary art residency after attending Liljeholmen Folkhögskola. Having since moved back to Minneapolis, they have shifted their focus toward nurturing their studio practice. As an active participant in the Studio Artist Program at FOCI Minnesota Center for Glass Arts, they continue to refine their craft. 


Milestones in their journey include awarded 2021 Emerging Artist-in-Residence at both Franconia Sculpture Park and FOCI MCGA, as well as leading an art shanty alongside a collaborative team at the Art Shanty Projects in 2022. They were a 2022 Emerging Curators Fellow under the curator duo Raíz Symbiotisk, through this fellowship co-curating Diverged Origins: Archive 1 at New Studio Gallery, 2023.

They currently work as an glass instructor at FOCI and casual artist's assistant.

Current curiosities and explorations: mycoremediation, documenting fungi specimen in glass, duality of empheral and archival,experimentaiton in kiln fused glass, assisting artist in public scuplture and production and non traditional curating, 

CV available on request.


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Emily McBride

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