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Photo: Pamela Vázquez Torres

Emma Wood (they/them/hen) is a nonbinary, Swedish-American, arts facilitator, interdisciplinary artist and emerging curator based in Mni Sota Makoce/ Minnesota on Dakhóta Land. They work with intersections of mycelium and glass. Bridging between science and art to investigate their personal relationship with grief. Their work is on a transition exploring the duality of ephemeral and archival. Wood pursues citizen science in mycology (specifical mycoremediation). Wood is currently exploring temporary and biodegradable processes that specifically benefit the environment through mycoremediation. Utilizing fungi as an artistic medium to develop projects with a multidisciplinary approach, Wood’s work investigates their identity, Swedish heritage, environmentalism, and grief. Their work is inspired by personal experiences as well as external influences of temporary existence, the process of decomposition, and life cycles.


From 2014 to 2018 Wood lived in Sweden coordinating an international, interdisciplinary art residency. Emma now resides in Minneapolis to focus on their studio practice. Wood is an artist in the Studio Artist Program at FOCI Minnesota Center for Glass Arts. They were a 2021 Emerging Artist-in-Residence at Franconia Sculpture Park and an Emerging Artist-in-Residency at FOCI MCGA in 2021. Emma and a team of collaborators hosted an art shanty at Art Shanty Projects in 2022.



2014-2015  Lileholmen Folkhögskola, Visual Arts, Rimforsa, Sweden

2012-2014  Perpich Arts Highschool, Visual Arts, Golden Valley, MN


2022  Emerging Curator Fellow, Emerging Curators Institute, MN
2022  Guided Mushroom Forage with Haleigh Ziebol The American Swedish Institute, Minneapolis MN
2022  "Reduce, Reuse, Rage" Shanty, Art Shanty Projects. Bde Unma/ Lake Harriet, MN 

2021   Emerging Glass Artist in Residency, FOCI MCGA, Minneapolis, MN

2021   Casting: Transformation. Group Exhibition, NE Minneapolis, MN

2021   Guided Mushroom Forage with Haleigh Ziebol The American Swedish Institute, Minneapolis MN

2021   Emerging Artist in Residency, Franconia Sculpture Park, Shafer, MN
2021   "Interstice" Traveling exhibition, Minneapolis, MN

2021   "Speculative Futures, Present Imaginations" Virtual Exhibition, St. Catherine University
2021   "Foot in the Door" Virtual Exhibition, Minneapolis Institute of Art, MN
2018   Nya Småland/ Arvinius + Orfeus Publishing

2016   Konstrakan Tranås, Sweden
2015   Konstrakan Tranås, Sweden
2015   Group Exhibition Passagen, Linköping, Sweden


2022    Interim Site Manager, Franconia Sculpture Park, Shafer, MN

2021    Glass Discoveries Instructor and Studio Assistant, FOCI Minnesota Center for Glass Arts. 

2021    Program Assistant Staff, The American Swedish Institute, Minneapolis, MN.

2021    Sculpture Production Assistant for Yoshi Nakamura EAiR 2021 Franconia Sculpture Park, MN

2021    Sculpture Production Assistant for Jeff Scholfield EAiR 2021. Franconia Sculpture Park, MN

2021    Studio Artist Program, FOCI Minnesota Center for Glass Arts MN

2020   Time-trade Studio assistant, FOCI Minnesota Center for Glass Arts MN
2020   Teaching assistant, The American Swedish Institute, MN

2020   Program Coordinator SWEA, Swedish Women's Education Association, MN


2021    The Many Ways of Fungi: First Steps Into the World of Mycology, MYCOLOGOS, Portland, Oregon 

2021   Glass Blowing 1 and 2 class, FOCI MCGA
Kiln 1 and 2: Fusing and Slumping Glass

2018   Biomimicry for Designers, Minneapolis College of Art and Design, MN
2016   Intersectional – Transnational Gender Studies, Linköping University, Sweden


2014   Rhode Island School of Design Artbook Award, RISD, Rhode Island.


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