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Intro to Mushroom Foraging hosted by The American Swedish Institute

Emma Wood and Haleigh Ziebol

Photos: @sassafrashealingarts

September 11th 2021 on Stolen Dakota Land.

Emma Wood (they/them/hen)

Interdisciplinary artist who works with mycelium and glass.

Started foraging and self studying fungi when they moved to Sweden in 2014 and became a mycophile.

Favorite finds: Parasol mushroom, chanterelles, amanita muscaria.

Haleigh Ziebol (they/them)

Soil Science background, Environmental Engineering future

Reading about & looking for mushrooms ~5 years

Favorite finds: hedgehog mushroom, morels, scarlet eyelash cup

This workshop is emphasizing investigation & exposure to mushrooms. We will be looking at characteristics in mushrooms and basic ID and taking a walk to see what species we find.

As white people we (your guides) acknowledge that the land we are on is stolen Dakota land. We also want to draw attention to the fact that state and national parks are directly related to white supremacist ideas about the "purity" of the wilderness, and to colonization.

This workshop gives a basic overview of:

What are mushrooms?

Why are mushrooms/fungi important?

Where do mushrooms fit in the tree of life?

What categories of mushrooms are there?

What is the cultural signifcance of mushrooms in Sweden?

What features/characteristics are used to ID mushrooms?

How do I forage?

How do I ID common mushrooms in MN?


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