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Fluidity: Swedish Identity in Glass
The American Swedish Institute

Learn more about the exhibiton here.
Glass lantern and projection

Glass , projected family film.

This piece was inspired by Snölykta, winter lanterns made of snowball pyramids formed around a candle. They bring light to the long dark months of winter and are often used to form a light-filled path home in rural Swedish landscapes. Combing these forms from my childhood with home videos of growing up in both Sweden and Minneapolis, accompanying the sculptures in a nonlinear timeline, expressing experience of being part of two worlds – at once belonging to both and neither. These forms highlight home, vulnerability and loss of family and memories by losing both my parents to early deaths. Expressing the ripple effects that follow from losing the pieces of oneself found in family and identity.

Moss Säng
Glass pillow, textile, bedframe


Colaborator: Kelly Willson 

The flower imprinted pillow “Kudde” rests on a moss-like fabric bed, created with my dear friend and studiomate textile artist Kelly Wilson. The connection to moss began with walks through the woods at my grandparent’s home in Sweden. I have become quite fasincated with moss and  inspired by moss’s resilience to grow around its surroundings and continue photosynthesizing under winter’s snow. Moss are anchoring plants and do not have official root systems, attaching to and growing around their  surroundings. I resonate with these organisms in many ways. The elements of moss beds and snow are recreating the nostalgic landcape, which hold memory and familiarity to me.


Huge thank you to Kelly for collaborating with this piece for this installation. She brought  techiques and skills to really make the bedding resemble moss!

Glass Pillow 

midsommar solstice pillow
Untitled design (23).jpg
Untitled design (56)_edited.jpg
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