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Creative Cells Center 2017

As a part of Kultivera , Creative Cells Center works as a meeting place for people 20 to 30 years old. We want to design a community where people can meet, work with creativity and collaborate with one another. Our goal is to promote understanding and communication between people by forming cultural exchanges. CCC is a way to spend your free time in a friendly, productive and entertaining environment. Why Creative Cells Center? Cells represent the people connecting and working together to create neural-like networks that encourage creativity. The idea that you can create anything from nothing and encourage to think outside the box. Creative Cells Center is a meeting place for young adults in Tranås. This project started with Ghaith, Emma and Momin. When we first came to Sweden we had to restart from the beginning and found it difficult to integrate. We shared a common goal to meet new people, share our experiences and create new connections. We have a living room environment with access to five studios, rehearsal rooms, film studio and two dance studios where you have the possibility to conduct workshops, go on excursions, create connections and use project-based learning.

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