Art Shanty Projects 2022

Participating artists: Emma Wood (project lead), Angelina Harris, Molly McIntosh, Joseph Vang, Sara Wood, Tim Manalot, and Alex Rumsey.

Reduce, Reuse, Rage is an interactive and ephemeral rage room on the ice, with the use of ice! Inspiration for this project came in 2020, facilitating space where people can have a temporary outlet. Visitors can reflect on their experiences of the last two-plus years – and their personal relationships with water – as they throw fragile objects made from the ice of the lake they will be destroyed on! Let go, feel your feelings, and experience a physical and mental release of emotion (or simply gain the satisfaction of throwing a fragile object)

This shanty concept is a sustainable, zero-waste take on a 'rage room'. Rage rooms are spaces for emotional/ energy release through the destruction of fragile objects and, to reduce waste, the objects that will be thrown are made from the ice of the lake they will be destroyed on. This project is rooted in eco-feminism, social practice, and environmental justice. The use of natural substances, such as ice and water, counteracts the capitalistic nature of single-use objects such as the plates and vases typically used in rage rooms. 


Our project is meant to facilitate space to feel but also emphasize the importance of water. We are on stolen Dakota / Indigenous land. We want to uplift the voices of water protectors continuing to fight for access to clean consumable water and major watersheds that are in jeopardy by pipelines and the results of capitalism. If you have the financial ability to aid water protectors this winter please send a Venmo payment to support Camp Migizi:






More info on ways to support at @migizi_will_fly


Photo: Ginger Shulick Porcella

This shanty is inspired by the last two roller coaster years and beyond. The last two years have been filled with the unpredictable pandemic, a multitude of injustices, personal changes, and struggles, the threat of pipelines taking away access to water and public health, the loss of loved ones, relying on mutual aid, and the loss of control of each of our individual lives. This shanty gives participants the opportunity to let go of frustration, pain, grief, joy or any emotion that comes to them from throwing a fragile object. There are words hung throughout the shanty that can be used at targets to aim at. These words resemble some of the topics and events that have occurred in recent years made by participants.

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