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Franconia Sculpture Park's Solstice Performance Festival 2023

Solståndsdröm / Midsommar Dream

Emma Wood

Glass pillow, fossilized flowers in glass,textile, plexiglass box, bedframe



Intention to create an intimate space where you can lay, hold space, rest and hold a moment together. While sharing a space that mimics laying on a bed of moss,  lay with care.


Entering the dreamy woodscape the sigil accompanies the installation as entry point. Charged and created during the Strawberry Moon in Sagittarius joined by Jupiter. With intention of pleasure, abundance, and indulgence. The sigil is channeling this and celebrating and centering trans joy.


For this piece, I collected and pressed flowers from seven places I've called home, then fired/fossilized them to create an imprint into the glass with their ashes. I collected these from places I felt held, seen, joy and the most queer.

The glass pillow is referencing a Midsommar ritual I practiced as a kid. The ritual is to place seven different flowers from seven fields under your pillow to manifest a future “soulmate”, specifically a husband. As someone who identifies as queer and outside the binary of gender, nonbinary, this ritual has not resonated with,  I am reframing a Misdsommar tradition. The pillow in its literal transparency is a tool to uncover and share tenderness of identity and vulnerability. 


The flower imprinted pillow rests on a moss-like bedding. My connection to moss began with walks through the woods at my grandparent’s home in Sweden. I have had quite a fascination with moss and am inspired by moss’s resilience to grow around its surroundings and the way it holds your silhouette imprint. 

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